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SSO: First Captain Challenge Deck Expansion

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Ship systems are functioning, oxygen levels are low but sufficient, not a member of the original crew is present. Our mission is clear, maintain the Omega to the completion of her purpose. All that remains to be discovered is how, and what happened to the first crew. ​

This is an Expansion and requires the base set of SSO to play.

SSO is a 1-6 player semi-co-op game of narrative sci-fi survival. Something terrible has happened to the original crew of the Space Ship Omega, it is up to you and up to 5 friends to find out what and hopefully endure it long enough to guide the Omega to the completion of its vital mission. SSO is a pocket sized game packing game play well above its small size. Each game is driven by the entirely modular Challenge Deck and its narratively connected missions, while the random deck driven narrative is unique to each play through the overall story can be totally re-written by changing out the Challenge Deck, whether players wish to face the HAL like threat of the base set's A.I. deck or the murderous Omega's First Captain. Alternatively decks can be randomly selected during game set up so players can never be sure which challenge they are facing until it strikes. Each player wins independently when the Challenge Deck is exhausted. At the start of the game enough oxygen remains in the ship for all the initial crew to survive until the deck is half exhausted. So players face a choice, work together to bolster the dwindling oxygen supply and complete missions to speed through the Challenge Deck or, if enough oxygen exists for all the crew to survive through half the deck.


  • 31 Standard Size cards
Requires SSO Core set to play.
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